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Springboro Haunted Hayride & Black Bog

By Stephen Carter-Novotni · October 19th, 2011 · Halloween List

The Springboro Haunted Hayride & Black Bog are some of the truly hidden gems of the Cincinnati haunt community. The attractions, which include a terrifically frightful dark ride and a lengthy trail excursion, are some of the best old school haunts in the region. And when we say hidden, we of course mean only to those inside the I-275 beltway. Bull Run Farms’ skill at scaring the life out of its guests is well known from West Chester to Dayton.

The Haunted Hayride wobbles and crawls through the rough backwoods of rural Springboro. When we arrived, we had the good fortune to be loaded onto the haywagon with a group of highschoolers. They can really get into the fear at this age and half the fun of a dark ride is watching the rest of your crew shriek an roll out of their seats and onto the floor in shock.

One girl went into a fetal position midway through the ride. And there’s a lot on this hellwagon that can get you: fire-breathing trucks pursuing just inches off the rear bumper, ghouls and chainsaw murderers who jump on and menace just inches from your face.

The Black Bog is a long, wild walk through the backwoods. You’ll encounter demons from cinema and inspired by hellish imaginations. You’ll also creep through several ghoul-infested houses and claustrophobia-inducing charnal houses. To pass through one section you actually have to crawl through a hearse. It’s a real rush.

The Wait: Lines can run as long as two hours on a busy night. Tours take place weather permitting, but it’s probably a smart idea to wear shoes that can get dirty. Dress appropriate to the weather. The bog and the hayride last around 20-25 minutes.
Sundown to 11:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday through Oct. 29. 6070 Springboro Road, Lebanon, Exit 28 off I-71 North toward Lebanon, 937-748-2272, www.springborohauntedhayride.com.
The Damage:
Hayride $12, Black Bog $10, combo for $18. Parking is $2.
CityBeat Rating:
PG-13 (Haunted Hayride), R (Black Bog)



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