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Kenny G, Steve Jobs and Tupac

By Staff · October 11th, 2011 · Minimum Gauge


Sax Offenders 

Although Jack White still has them beat in the “Most Awkward Collaboration of the Year” category for working with Insane Clown Posse, Pop sensations Foster the People nailed down the No. 2 slot during their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live. Perhaps a nod to Michael Bolton’s appearance with Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island last season, during its second-song selection “Houdini,” FtP brought out human punchline/Snooze Jazz icon Kenny G to provide classy-porn-soundtrack sax noodling. Not to be outdone, Rap star Drake is rumored to be working on a special performance where he’ll swap verses with Barry Manilow on this weekend’s SNL. 


iPadding the Hyperbole

If you just discovered who Steve Jobs was by reading his obituary, you’d think he was some kind of Edison/Ghandi/Jesus Christ hybrid.

But, much like the products he helped launched, a lot of people had a love/hate relationship with the Apple co-founder and tech and marketing genius. Amidst all the hyperbolic praise have been many musings about how Jobs saved and changed the music industry — Bono called Jobs the “Bob Dylan of machines” — but little about any negative impact Apple has had. Sure, Jobs changed the way we buy and listen to music — instead of speakers, many listen through small earbuds, which some researchers say has the potential to cause hearing damage. And ask anyone who’s worked in a recording studio about what is lost when recordings are overly compressed and converted into MP3s, removing much of the dynamic highs and lows of a record. Today, most commercial recordings are now designed to be listened to on computers or iPod devices. While we’d never go as far as Jon Bon Jovi, who was quoted a few months ago saying Jobs “is personally responsible for killing the music business,” instead of saying “He changed music,” can we at least add a “for better or worse”? 


Not So Biggie?

If he were alive, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur might be feeling a bit self-conscious right about now. When news that an alleged “sex tape” starring the rapper (reportedly receiving oral sex at a party) was on the market, porn companies were quick with their offers, but they were certainly on the low end of the sex-tape pay scale, reportedly topping out at around $150,000. A posthumous ego boost seemed imminent, though, when TMZ reported that a company that makes an anti-hangover drink announced they would pay over $1 million. But they don’t want the porn, only the unreleased track playing in the background, which the company reportedly hopes to use in an ad campaign. Tupac’s family says they’ll sue anyone who tries to sell the tape, so the chances of the slain MC joining the esteemed company of sex-tape makers like Dustin Diamond, Fred Durst and Tonya Harding seems highly unlikely. And, with his family overseeing the release of eight albums after his death, all of which debuted in the Top 3, “Keep Ya Head Down” (or whatever the unreleased background track is called) isn’t likely to pop up in a novelty beverage commercial any time soon either. 



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