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By Staff · October 10th, 2011 · News
oc_1aDavid Sorcher
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ORIGINAL POST OCT. 10: The Occupy Cincinnati movement has decided to use Piatt Park at the corner of Vine Street and Garfield Place as its base of operations. More than 20 protesters were ticketed last night for staying in the park past after hours, though organizers say police were cordial while citing individuals and then allowing them to stay overnight.

The feed below will aggregate all #occupycincinnati and #occupycincy hashtags, and we'll continue to update this page with links to CityBeat's ongoing coverage of the movement.

Check out a photo gallery from the first weekend of Occupy Cincinnati activities here.
View a new gallery of Occupy Cincinnati at Piatt Park here.



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10.10.2011 at 01:10 Reply

hmm...I"m just wondering why hang at the park day and night?  all parks in the city have a closing hour....and if you're against government waste, then why cost the city and the police dept more money by hanging out after hours? This daily thing I go to, called a job, keeps me from going to stuff like this, and on weekends, I want to spend my time being productive and getting things done...so I don't get having more than one hour or so to spend protesting or supporting anything.......but that's just me.  I'd rather write and email to all my state reps, the president, and whoever else, and be done with it.   I'm cynical...I do not believe the President knows or cares to know how many folks gather in each city across the country...but I could be wrong.  happened one other time! ;)



10.11.2011 at 06:30

I agree with you...



10.11.2011 at 12:35

This "thing" called a "job"? How nice it must be to have one.

You're missing the point. :D


10.18.2011 at 11:06
In the Constitution there's a right to peaceably assemble. You're right, I mean, the civil rights people sitting in at lunch counters--terrible, huh? So easy to live in this nation no one's learned to think.


10.11.2011 at 06:28 Reply


These people are nuts! I have seen everything from rainbow flags, to "tax the rich" signs, to "down with bankers" and have even heard people like Rosanne Barr call for the beheading of the"evil Rich" now that is civility!

What happend to the call for civility from the left after the the Gifford shooting, and the left tried to pin the shooting on the right wing, saying that the right was the cause of the retorich, when that was a total LIE.

I have to work for a living, and pay my taxes, now so we can pay overtime for the police to patrol the park for these idiots!



10.11.2011 at 06:31 Reply

Another thing...

Where was this type of coverage of the tea party rallys in Cincinnati?



10.11.2011 at 12:26

Pretty sure the Tea Party Rally's had their own "live feed" called Fox News.  Also, the Tea Party rally's did NOT include sleepovers- Gotta be back to the suburbs and inside before dark!!


10.11.2011 at 10:37 Reply

I want to participate in the protest because I want to be equal with all.  I want to have a baby but I am told I am male and don't have womb.  This is not equality.  I will protest that. 

What have the evil Bankers (Romans) done for us?  "They lent me money to start a profitable business.  OK besides that what have the evil bankers done for us?  "They financed the road bulding in my community."  OK, Besides the starting of successful businesses and contruction of roads what have the Evil bankers (romans) done for us?  They provided jobs in my community.  OK, OK besided the successful business, the roads and the jobs what have the evil bankers done for us?  ............  SOUND FAMILIAR


10.12.2011 at 07:26

I am talking about the media coverage in cincinnati, of the tea party rally in cincinnati. Fox news was not there. nor did they have a "live feed" and all the coverage of the lame ass "occupiers"

i heard a funny one ysetrday.. a girl being interviewed stated that she has mounted up a whole lot of debt at an "ivy league school" and thinks that all of her student loans should be paid for by the govornment. WTF!

Why should the govormnent have to pay for her bills? If she can't aoofrd school she should drop out and go to work. I bet one of the big corporations could squeeze her in somewhere, and get her a job.


this whole notion of everyone being equal is stupid. You need to srive to be better, and if others can match up then they will be better too, but there is no incentive to be better if the outcome is that the person that did not try hard enough will get the same reward.. How F@#@ED up is that?

I dont think that is FAIR!



10.20.2011 at 04:11

dear lord.  You must be one of the 1%... who can't spell anything!!! "Govornment"!? You spelled that way multiple times.  

You're in the group that doesn't even realize they've been tricked in this life. I feel sorry for you.


10.12.2011 at 08:56 Reply

People think liberals are all a bunch of idealistic assholes who love rainbows and pot. I'll admit, that's some of us. But you conservatives have your heads up your asses. "The whole notion of everyone being equal is stupid." Are you fucking kidding me? Liberals acknowledge that there are inequalities and try to fix them.

You fucking idiot conservatives insist that a person who has been racially and economically discriminated against there WHOLE LIFE pull themselves up by their boot straps. YOU are saying everyone is equal. YOU are saying everyone has their own chance to be successful. YOU are the idealistic fuckwad.

Do you people only care about yourselves? Do you not want to help your neighbor? Why are you people so selfish and uncaring? If you loose your job, I'll try to remember shit in your mouth like you try to shit in everyone else's.


10.12.2011 at 02:14

yeah cincylib that is exactly what i am saying...

People can call the race card, or the im gay card, and I am discriminated against, or the I have been on welfare all my life because, my parents were and there parents were and that is all I know card, or maybe the I can't find a job because I dont have an education card,

Well all of these cards are so freaking old they are falling apart.

How about stop blaming everyone else for your problems and do something obout them. It is called personal responsibility.

If your gay then who cares, (me too) but I don't feel discriminated against, if i get called a name who gives a rats ass, if your black get over it, if you get called a nigger, who gives a rats ass, if your poor who gives a rats ass, if someone calls you poor. You get the point. toughen up!

Get out there are work hard, make a living, enjoy life, and stop bitching about every little suposed injustice that comes down the pike.

we could live in CHINA. and have Nothing!



10.15.2011 at 11:54

Toughen up is something that an insecure person says that isnt in touch with their own feelings because of undealt with personal issues throughout their lives that they never got a chance to learn how to deal with through their parents or environment, so the back up is to put up a wall as a defense mechanism that festers frustration with themselves and a misunderstanding of the world around them out of an ego based disconect and self deliniation from the whole. We are all here together. Lack of compassion and empathy is a disease that is created by social phsychosis bread by media and peoples willingness to always take it as truth then spread it throughout their lives and the minds and lives of those around them. The many people who have gone through school at outrageously high rates and cant find work in their field is very high right now and that is do to large scale downsizing. This isnt about discrimination, it is about people taking advantage of their positions of power in a way that has had a serious effect on our population and has skewed our nations prosperity because of the glutony of the few. Just because it doesnt affect you right now does not mean that its not happening. Out of that same kind of ego people once thought that the earth was the center of the universe, but with a little closer observation and better tools we realized otherwise. I am not trying to put you down, I am just trying to keep a level of reality and honesty. 


10.19.2011 at 12:01

Thanks Kelon, Ia appreciate the doctor analysys of my mental state.

It is all a buch of B.S.

Sure there is some corruption in the US as well as all over the world, but not the magnitude that it being suggestied by these groups.

the rrot of all of this is the govornment, which is why I ask why dont these people protest at the whitehouse or cogress. That is wehre the problems started, and were created. By failed economic policy, housing regulations forced upon banks to lower standards for lending, a whole array of govornment regulations on taxes that have caused business to go oversees for lower taxes and wages (thank the unions).

Why is it so hard to understand that this countyry was built on capitalism, and combpany making a profit. No matter how much profit it is, it is still there money. Now if you want to talk about tax policy, and make it easy for buisiness to opporate in the states reform then I am on board.

Why should people be pissed about hom much a CEO of a company makes, in salary or bonus money. If that employee is productive and makes profits for a business then he should be compensated. It does not makker if it is a $100.00 bonus at Christmas or a Million $ bonus. That is what share holders want PROFIT. If that employee fails then they dont get a bonus. THAT IS HOW THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT.

Ever since the beginning of time we have had HAVE'S and Have Nots in our society. Even in the stone age I am sure, the better hunter got the most food.

I am so sick of the re-distribution mentality. You reep what you sow in society, there are always choices to be made to make things better.

An no I am not insecure or mental or anything like that . I am just someone that lives day to day, works, plays, and pays my own way in society. I dont expect anyone esle to do it for me or pay my way.




10.20.2011 at 04:13

THAT is the difference between tea partiers and occupiers.

Tea Partiers blame the politicians and the government... Occupiers blame the people FUNDING, through billions in campaign contributions, favors, etc., the politicians.

The politicians are just a scam! They are bought and sold and it's all public information! If I give $10 to Boehner, and AT&T gives him $50,000 who is he going to answer to???


10.24.2011 at 07:50

Don't feels sorry for me ass hole... I have a job! I pay my taxes just as the rest of the hard working people. Unlike the protesters who would rather sit on the streets and chant than look for work.

GOVERNMENT! is the proper spelling dumb ass!

You my friend are one of 99% who are pissing off the 1% with the nonsence.

If you want a job I can help you fill out an application if you need help.