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School of Rock, Tea Party and Interscope

By Staff · September 21st, 2011 · Minimum Gauge
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Minding the Sound

As many schools around the country face tough decisions about what to cut in the face of epidemic budget crises, the first things to go are often arts-related. But at least one school system is showing a rededication to music education in public schools, and they’re updating the curriculum to make it more appealing to students. Nashville mayor Karl Dean recently announced the city’s “Music Makes Us” program, which will offer classes on popular music (like Country, Rock and Hip Hop) and add more instruction in areas like production, songwriting and even DJing. The move makes perfect sense (which isn’t always incentive for politicians to take action), helping to ensure one of the world’s biggest music hubs continues to prosper in the future. It’s the rare example of a city recognizing that its cultural uniqueness can be its greatest asset. 


Tea Baggin’ a Domain Name

Smart Internet pioneers bought up a lot of lucrative domain names as the world wide web grew to unfathomable proportions (addresses like sex.com, casino.com and fund.com fetched millions), but you’d have to be a cyber Nostradamus to predict certain names’ worth (like, say, “sarahpalinisanidiot.com”).

Or just have the right name at the right place at the right time. Such is the case with Canadian World-music-inspired band The Tea Party. Even though the group disbanded six years ago, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, their teaparty.com domain is a hot commodity and still visited often by members of the Tea Party political organization, whose ignorance apparently extends to Google ineptitude. Experts estimate the band could receive over $1 million to hand the name over to the GOP shadow party grassroots political organization. The band members appear opposed to the political Tea Party’s ideology, telling BusinessWeek their dream scenario would be for Jon Stewart or George Soros to make a healthy bid. 


Moving Different Kinds of Units

Reports have surfaced that a major drug ring bust had ties to, at the very least, the offices of major record label Interscope Records (home to Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, U2 and many other very high-profile acts). Interscope reps (and the shipping company) have denied any knowledge of the operation, but initial reports say the label’s offices were used to ship and receive large “road cases” — those metallic boxes with the artist’s name stenciled on the side, usually used to store equipment for touring — full of cocaine and money from coast to coast over the past two years. At the center of the investigation is Hip Hop manager James Rosemond (who maintains his innocence). Rosemond was indicted on drug trafficking charges in June relating to the alleged courier scam. It’s unclear how Rosemond got access to Interscope’s offices, but one of the artists he manages, The Game, is signed to the label. We knew it was getting harder to make money in the music industry, but this is ridiculous. 



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