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Cool Issue 2011:

By Danny Cross · September 14th, 2011 · Cool Issue

“We need to make Ohio cool, and part of it is a company like American Greetings.”

— Ohio Gov. John Kasich, explaining how Ohio needs to retain the creative young people who keep moving to places like Austin, Tex. 

We don’t need to spend a lot of time explaining to you, dear CityBeat reader, that John Kasich is not cool. You’re obviously a smart, cool and very attractive person if you’re reading our Cool Issue fall preview, while Kasich is a stuffy Republican who thinks it’s cool to sell bridges to private companies. “Look everybody! A toll booth! Cool!”

But having Kasich as governor hasn’t stopped Cincinnati from having a lot of cool people, places and events scheduled for this fall, and hiring an illustrator to draw Kasich as a bunch of funny-looking cliches didn’t stop us from previewing a cool fall in this issue (although the image of Kasich wearing the beer helmet definitely slowed productivity for a couple hours while we laughed at it). 

So enjoy this fall preview, friends.

It’s not every year that a politician expresses interest in making your community cooler by doing things nobody thinks are cool, but, hey, that’s “Kasich Cool.” 

— Danny Cross, Project Editor


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