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Cool Issue 2011:

By Danny Cross · September 14th, 2011 · Cool Issue

“We need to make Ohio cool, and part of it is a company like American Greetings.”

— Ohio Gov. John Kasich, explaining how Ohio needs to retain the creative young people who keep moving to places like Austin, Tex. 

We don’t need to spend a lot of time explaining to you, dear CityBeat reader, that John Kasich is not cool. You’re obviously a smart, cool and very attractive person if you’re reading our Cool Issue fall preview, while Kasich is a stuffy Republican who thinks it’s cool to sell bridges to private companies. “Look everybody! A toll booth! Cool!”

But having Kasich as governor hasn’t stopped Cincinnati from having a lot of cool people, places and events scheduled for this fall, and hiring an illustrator to draw Kasich as a bunch of funny-looking cliches didn’t stop us from previewing a cool fall in this issue (although the image of Kasich wearing the beer helmet definitely slowed productivity for a couple hours while we laughed at it). 

So enjoy this fall preview, friends.

It’s not every year that a politician expresses interest in making your community cooler by doing things nobody thinks are cool, but, hey, that’s “Kasich Cool.” 

— Danny Cross, Project Editor


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09.15.2011 at 06:12 Reply

Dear Danny,

Wow, aren't you cool!  NOT.  Give the guy a break, at least he's trying to relate to us. 

You just took the cool out of CB.



09.18.2011 at 04:36

Hey Jerry,

You are so right! SIKE. John Kasich has had about every break anyone could hope for. Do you remember who this guy is? You're talking about someone who pushed for Ohio's pensions to be invested in the Lehman Brothers toxic assets that eventually lost hundreds of millions for the state. Then when Lehman collapsed Kasich recived about $500,000 for his failure. When elected Governer his first acts were to give away tens of millions to coroporations and CEO's while he sold off state assets to other rich white guys and launched a campaign against teachers, fire fighters and police claiming they get paid too much! While he claims the state can't afford those greedy teachers and first responders, Kasich has been flying around on state planes four times as much as Strickland did. Even the Governor's mansion wasn't good enough for Mr. Kasich so he had the state pay to secure his private home out in the suburbs of Columbus. But hey, at least he's trying to relate.