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Music: Brian Andres and The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel

By Brian Baker · August 30th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Although Brian Andres has been based in San Francisco for the past dozen years, he is a son of Cincinnati. His love of rhythm came to the forefront during his Queen City childhood when he suddenly developed an overwhelming desire to turn everything in his parents’ home into a makeshift drum kit. With the purchase of an actual set and the advent of lessons, Andres’ path was established.

At 19, he began playing professionally and touring well beyond the confines of the city. Andres played in virtually every conceivable genre and with a wide variety of artists, including Little Anthony and the Imperials, Broadway star Faith Prince, the Ohio Players’ Sugar Bonner and the great Lonnie Mack.

In 1999, Andres decided to focus on his interest in Latin Jazz rhythms and moved to the Bay Area, home to one of the strongest Latin scenes in the country. After just a year in San Francisco, Andres’ extraordinary work with several Afro-Cuban, Tex-Mex, Funk and Jazz groups led to an invitation to join local legend Dr. Loco. Over a decade later, Andres and Loco remain bandmates in the Rockin’ Jalapeno Band and Los Tibournes Del Norte.

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