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Comedy: Matt Fulchiron

By P.F. Wilson · August 30th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

“I just talk about groundbreaking things,” says comedian Matt Fulchiron. “Things like relationships. No other comic is talking about that right now. Quirky things, observations. Now I’m really making myself sound like the typical stand-up comic, but that’s what I do.” The thing that sets Fulchrion apart is his reaction to the reactions of his audience. “It’s very silly, and there are a lot of left turns.” After studying filmmaking in Baltimore, Fulchiron went to Los Angeles and tried stand-up on a whim.

“It almost seemed like a novelty to me,” he says. “Something no one did anymore and I wanted to try it once. Once I got into it I realized that it was still up and running.” He uses his film school experience now to make short videos for the Internet. “I’m also writing a TV show,” he says. “No one asked me to, I’m just writing it.” Fulchrion was also in a band years ago, but doesn’t think he’ll reactivate that career any time soon. “It was a Rock band with a little bit of Rap,” he says. “I even did some rapping, but I don’t like telling people that. Their imaginations are much worse than how great it really was.” Fulchiron performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. Tickets are $8-$12, $4 Thursday with college or military ID, $6 Sunday for bar and restaurant employee appreciation.

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