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Chris Burns [Hearth, Homestead]

By Anne Mitchell · August 17th, 2011 · Look Who's Eating

When Chris Burns left The Bistro after seven years as chef, he'd made a lot of good connections in the farm-to-table movement. Now Chris and and his wife, Tess, are developing two new business concepts: Hearth, and Homestead. Hearth is a 21st-century general store, and Homestead will connect city folk with their rural heritage.

He's also been working with Crestview Hills’ Argentine Bean owner Laurie Hibel for the past two months to re-brand the bistro. They’ve developed new menus for lunch and dinner, and Chris will be working with the kitchen staff to get them up to speed on the new dishes.

Chris and John Pedron, owner of 180 Company, are developing a "hipster burger joint" on Short Vine that they’re calling Elements, after the periodic table of the elements. It’ll feature signature and build your own burgers.

CityBeat: What’s the last great meal you ate and where did you eat it?

Chris Burns: I think it was my birthday dinner, a great barbecue. I ate it in my backyard, sitting on a hay bale and drinking a beer. Runner-up would be lunch at La Mexicana, a lingua taco and sopes (beef) with a glass bottle of Coke.

CB: What’s your favorite dish on the new menu at Argentine Bean?

CB: I’ll start with dessert. We make an Urfa Chile Panna Cotta. The chiles come from Colonel De at Findlay Market. It reminds me of the aroma and flavor of Cavendish tobacco, all rich and chocolaty, with lime macerated blackberries. There’s also a braised lamb shank with smoked onion and mashed potatoes. It’s really, really good.



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