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Art: Guy Tillim: Avenue Patrice Lumumba

By Alan Pocaro · August 16th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Traveling the dusty passageways and crumbling facades of Mozambique, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guy Tillim’s Avenue Patrice Lumumba is a striking photographic journey. On view at the Contemporary Arts Center downtown, these images explore the effects of 50 years of false starts, broken promises and nationalist visions on the African landscape.

Through Tillim’s incisive lens and lucid compositions, the utopian aspirations of decaying modernist structures are transformed into monuments to perpetual disappointment. Infused with an air of resignation, the cracked walls, aging equipment and diligent workers portrayed in the poignant "Typing pool, Town Hall, Likasi, DR Congo" and the desolate "City Hall offices, Lubumbashi, DR Congo" entice the viewer with soft palettes and hushed tones. Tillim’s pictures depict the melancholy of a world that is, while pointing to an ideal one that could have been. Exhibition continues through Sept. 5.

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