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Comedy: John Morgan

By P.F. Wilson · August 9th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

You can be forgiven if you’re not quite sure which comedian named John Morgan is coming to the Funny Bone on the Levee. It’s certainly not the former Royal Canadian Air Farce cast member who passed away a few years ago. Nor is it the political comic from Orlando, Fla., who found fame doing a dead-on George W. Bush impression. Yes, in comedy circles there are actually several John Morgans. “But are there any John Morgan, aka the Rajun’ Cajun?” asks this Louisiana native and longtime stand-up comic from his home south of Baton Rouge. Yes, this is the John Morgan that will take the stage in Newport.

But just how “rajun” is he? “I think it’s a character that takes flight on stage,” he says in a slight Cajun drawl. “That’s not afraid to have an opinion, you know, and a somewhat conservative opinion at times. It’s very (rare) in comedy to have a conservative view of who we are, where we are and what we are.” Those opinions cover both topical and social elements. “I come from a family of nine kids,” he says. “Born and raised in New Orleans. We were raised Catholic. I have three children, and one of them is adopted from China, my youngest daughter, and I believe that comes to the forefront of who I am and what I am.” Morgan was home in Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina hit, but for the most part the family came out unscathed. “I live one hour north of New Orleans. My mother and my brothers and sisters were in New Orleans. They all survived. I had my mother with me for 39 days, five hours and 41 minutes.” He then adds with a howl, “I was ready for her to go home!” Morgan performs Thursday-Sunday at The Funny Bone on the Levee.

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