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The Poison Control Center with The Dandybeards

July 25 • MOTR Pub

By Brian Baker · July 19th, 2011 · Sound Advice
If there are other great Rock bands wandering around in the flat expanse of Iowa, we would love to hear the evidence. On the basis of the infectious and wildly diverse Stranger Ballet, it’s clear that The Poison Control Center means there’s at least one — and a bloody great one at that.

After releasing an EP (Glory Us) and a full-length (A Collage of Impressions) in 2007, the Ames quartet scored some impressive opening slots, warming up for Head of Femur, The Heavenly States and Apples in Stereo. The following year, PCC’s individual songwriters — Patrick Fleming, Devin Frank, Joe Terry and former drummer Donald Curtis — spent well over a year trading demos until they took over three dozen songs into an ancient Mississippi schoolhouse and recorded the band’s double-length sophomore magnum opus, Sad Sour Future, which was released to almost freakishly positive press last May (a 7.4 from Pitchfork … really?).

Just over a year later, PCC is on the road to support the AJ Mogis-mixed Stranger Ballet, an album they came up with during a break in their tour for Sad Sour Future.

It might not be terribly difficult to imagine a band mashing up Weezer, Pavement, Pixies and The Flaming Lips, doing a Glam impression of The Shins, but it would be hard to sell as a product of Iowa.

And yet Poison Control Center does all this and more, creating an almost supernatural noise with the same instruments used by mere mortals. Stranger Ballet may hit as many year-end lists in 2011 (as Sad Sour Future did last year), an incredible feat for a band with a fairly cultish profile.

You don’t need to drink insecticide to need Poison Control Center, kids.

THE POISON CONTROL CENTER plays MOTR Pub Monday, July 25 with THE DANDYBEARDS. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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