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Music: Buffalo Killers

By Brian Baker · July 12th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

It’s easy to think that Buffalo Killers stopped being a local band after Chris Robinson tapped them to open for the Black Crowes tour five years ago. The Gabbard brothers — guitarist/vocalist Zach and bassist/vocalist Andrew — and their drummer, Joey Sebaali, had recently retooled Thee Shams into Buffalo Killers, and their eponymous 2006 debut album was causing a big stir in Psych Rock circles, leading to the invitation from Robinson, which ultimately led to more and equally enticing opportunities.

Through it all, Buffalo Killers have maintained a consistent profile at home, even though the trio is absent for long stretches of fairly high-profile touring.

Sitting in his Madison township farmhouse with his two kids playing nearby, Zach Gabbard insists that the Killers will always consider themselves a Cincinnati band.

“I still adore Cincinnati, it’s still home base even though we don’t live there anymore,” Gabbard says. “Other things came up and it’s just different now. We tour pretty regularly but we still hit Cincinnati every few months and it’s always a great time. Ohio is great; Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Athens and Akron. There are so many great places and it’s like going home every time.”

Buffalo Killers celebrate the release of 3 with a show at MOTR Pub Saturday. Go here to read Brian Baker's full interview.



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