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Comedy: Steve Trevino

By P.F. Wilson · June 29th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Steve Trevino always knew he wanted to be a stand-up comic. "I remember watching my parents gathering around the TV to watch Richard Pryor," he says, "and me not being able to watch because they would put me to bed. I'd sneak into the hallway and lie (there) and just listen. I'd hear my parents and my uncles and aunts … loving it and I'm like, 'Man, I want to do that.’ ” He entered a school talent show at the age of 7, ostensibly starting his stand-up career. By the sixth grade he was writing his own material. “I started going, 'This would be funny.

What if I told a story about my dad?’ " Being in suburban Corpus Christy, Tex., though, there weren't a lot of places to perform. "There was a period in the late '80s and early '90s where everyone was doing karaoke because you could bring your own tape machine," he says. "So the whole family would do karaoke then they'd say, 'OK, Steve's going to tell some jokes.' So I’d go on stage there and do stand-up. Then my older cousins would say, ‘Hey, I’m having a party you should come and do stand up. That’s where my stage was." At least it was until comedian Carlos Mencia came to town during Trevino's senior year in high school to do a show. "I begged to open for him and he said yes." The two developed a relationship, and a few years later, while Mencia was working and performing at the Dallas Improv, he asked Trevino to come on the road with him. It's been onward and upward ever since. Trevino performs Thursday-Sunday at The Funny Bone on the Levee.

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