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Art: CINCY GossipLip Weekly

By Matt Morris · June 29th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum (1218 Sycamore St., Over-the-Rhine) has a reputation for high-concept thematic exhibitions packed with wit and humor. The space places emphasis on its gallery openings as performance art events; oftentimes its activities live on in rumor and hearsay proliferated by those who saw them. One of its most recent projects is CINCY GossipLip Weekly, a parody of a gossip rag dedicated to local art personalities.

Over the past weekend, artists, curators, educators and even this writer were surprised to find ourselves as the subjects of witty horoscopes, paparazzi sightings and invented scandals. Like an issue of The Onion meets Art Happening, the project also functions as a kind of time capsule for this present moment in our local arts scene. Absurdly playful, the booklet toys with ideas of celebrity, fiction and celebrating the mundane. Physical copies were distributed at the space, but they’ve also launched a web version. The digital copy can be flipped through at: http://web.me.com/lowdag/Gossip_Mag/Cover.html. No word if it will continue as a weekly like its namesake, but it is a delightful reminder to not take what we do too seriously.



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