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Hot Duels: Cincinnati Fencing Club

By Rebecca Carter-Novotni · June 15th, 2011 · Special

Most people’s knowledge of fencing is limited to famous scenes from movies like Zorro or The Princess Bride. However, for the Cincinnati Fencing Club dueling is not a spectator sport. The CFC, founded in 1956, is the source of fencing culture in Cincinnati. In partnership with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission and the Clifton Recreation Center, its goal is to advance the study and exercise of fencing for the welfare of its participants and the general public.

The organization offers classes in beginning fencing for adults and children alike, team-taught by its members. Topics covered in the beginning course include the history of fencing, fencing weapons, safety, footwork, strategy, tactics and more. Intermediate, private and group classes are available upon the completion of the beginning course. Classes are offered at the Clifton Community Recreation Center, 320 McAlpin Ave., Clifton Heights, 513-961-5681. www.cincinnatifencing.org.



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