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Bono, Cassettes and LaBelle

By Staff · June 8th, 2011 · Minimum Gauge


How Did He See Such a Teeny Tiny Thumb?

Did you know Bono put himself in the position to be murdered by a Canadian serial killer recently? Having clearly not seen enough horror movie thrillers, Bono found himself (and a buddy) in the middle of a downpour while taking a walk around town in Vancouver. Instead of just ducking under one of those orange traffic cones, the U2 singer was rescued when he was able to flag down a motorist. The motorist turned out to be Gilbert Brule, center for the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers who was in town for the Stanley Cup finals (as spectator, not player). For disobeying every warning his mom ever gave him about the perils of picking up hitchhikers (though, to be fair, the hitcher wasn’t exactly a “stranger”), Brule was given a pair of tickets to the U2 show in Edmonton by Bono, which required him to ditch plans to check out the Cup battle and fly back home for the concert. He’s lucky he didn’t pick up Cher.


Accidentally Retro Chic

Wonder if Dinosaur Jr.

thought, “You know, if we pick this name, people will make fun of us with it when we’re old,” when they settled on their moniker back in the 1980s. But, for the same reason we saved all of our parachute pants and flannel shirts for when the inevitable trend cycle rolls around (and we can sell them for big bucks), the seminal Indie Rock trio finds themselves on the “cutting edge” of record releasing, using a format that was wildly common when the band started. Tapping into (or is it backing into?) the cult resurgence of the cassette tape, Dinosaur Sr. (sorry, couldn’t resist) is reissuing its landmark 1988 album Bug on cassette this month, the same format in which it is was released by the SST label 23 years ago. Now, instead of sifting through dusty boxes, fans who bought the album way back when can buy it all over again. And never listen to it because they tossed their cassette players out with their VCRs.


Voulez-vous Get the Hell Away from My Stuff!

If Hillary Clinton decides to leave her position as Secretary of State so she can compete on the next season of Dancing with the Stars and Barack Obama needs a fill-in, might we suggest Ms. Patti LaBelle? The prototypical diva’s qualifications? She’s a bad-ass and she doesn’t care who you are — mess with her stuff and she’ll order an attack immediately. A student at West Point recently filed a suit against the singer claiming that LaBelle sent her bodyguards to rough him up after she felt he was standing too close to her luggage, according to Rolling Stone. The student is also a football player for Army and claims he missed the rest of the season due to the attack. Besides her clear abilities as an enforcer, what world leader would question anything our new Secretary of State said if she was sporting one of her trademark avant-garde skyscraper hairdos?



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