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Comedy: My Brother, My Brother and Me

By P.F. Wilson · June 7th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Though they live in three separate cities, the McElroy brothers — Justin, Travis and Griffin — are as close now as they were when they were growing up in Huntington, W.V. In some ways they are closer thanks to the wonderful world of podcasting and their program My Brother, My Brother and Me, a comedy advice show. "We were looking for a way to keep talking to each other," explains middle brother Travis, who now lives in Cincinnati. It was older brother Justin who suggested a comedy advice podcast because, as he reasoned, no one else was doing one.

The boys quickly gained a following. "People really seemed to like it," Travis says. "We've all grown up making each other laugh, and the three of us are best friends in real life and we all get along really well on the show." After only eight months, the podcast was picked up by Maximum Fun, a website run by one of the acknowledged "podfathers" of the medium, Jesse Thorn (The Sound of Young America, Jordan Jesse Go). This Sunday at 8 p.m., the McElroy brothers will offer a live presentation of their podcast (to be recorded for later posting) at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (719 Race St., Downtown), where Travis also has a "day job." The evening is hosted by their father, Huntington radio personality Clint McElroy. Fans attending the show can submit questions ahead of time by going to the podcast’s website (find it at maximumfun.org).

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