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Biagio Lamassa [Biagio's Bistro]

By Brian Cross · June 1st, 2011 · Look Who's Eating
Anyone who’s spent much time in the Clifton area knows Biagio’s Bistro (308 Ludlow Ave., Clifton, 513-861-4777). Since opening in 1999, Biagio’s scooter — almost always parked in front of the restaurant — has become as much of a Ludlow Avenue fixture as the bistro itself.

Owner Biagio Lamassa learned his trade working on a cruise ship and then for Jeff Ruby for nine years before opening the own place. When asked about dining out, the soft-spoken and laid-back Lamassa says he likes to spend his days off relaxing, not in restaurants.

“I’m like you; I want to have a nice hamburger and just chill.

I don’t really go out and experiment and have fancy dinners,” he says.

CityBeat: What was your last great meal and where did you have it? 
Biagio Lamassa: The last one we had was on my birthday on March 1 and we went to Orchid’s downtown. It was really nice. We had some Gorgonzola gnocchi and I don’t remember right now … I think it was snapper stuffed giant ravioli with a fennel sauce. That was really excellent. 

CB: Do you own a car or do you only ride the scooter?
BL: I do have my pickup truck. I pick up stuff for the restaurant in that. But definitely I have my scooter. I love my scooter; they’re really fun.



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