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Bawe Shinholster [Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment]

By Anne Mitchell · May 25th, 2011 · Look Who's Eating
Downtowner Bawe Shinholster is a busy man — especially when I spoke to him just after Jeff Ruby’s Walnut Street Grille (631 Walnut St., Downtown, 513-241-0707) opened for lunch. The Grille, which has been hugely successful with dinnertime guests, opened to a pent-up crowd of lunchsters who couldn’t wait to try the new sandwiches, sides, and salads, including a Grilled Salmon Salad topped with honey-almond dressing and fresh raspberries.

Walnut Street’s biggest crowd-pleaser so far? The homemade biscuits topped with chicken, a lunch take on the dinnertime best-seller, Chicken Potpie. (Anne Mitchell)

CityBeat: What’s the best meal you’ve eaten recently and where did you eat it?
Bawe Shinholster: Dinner at (downtown’s) Sung Korean Bistro! I go there regularly and they know I like to start off with a dish of rice topped with two fried eggs over medium, with that good spicy bean paste sauce (Go-chu-jang).

I break the yolks and stir the sauce in — I love that. And then the pork short ribs. They’re spicy, too, but sweet and tangy, and you just pick ’em up and eat ’em — just dig in. They’re so good. They come with all the sides, the banchan and then a bowl of Kimchi Jigae stew, with beef and tofu. It’s excellent.

CB: Any update on The Waterfront (the Covington Ruby restaurant on the Ohio River broke free of its moorings during high water in March)?
BS: We’re still waiting and talking with the city of Covington. We want to keep the boat where it is now, at Covington Landing, so we’re working with the city engineers. It has to be able to withstand floods — to stay in place no matter how high the river rises — like it did this year and that’s expensive. For a timeline, I have to say we’re playing it by ear, but we’d like to be open this year, maybe for the holidays. That would be nice.



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