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Comedy: Tom Simmons

By P.F. Wilson · May 24th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Comedian Tom Simmons has a lot to talk about on a variety of subjects, from conspiracies to being the father of a young son. “I have a bunch of stuff I’ve worked on about the Federal Reserve Bank,” he says. It sounds mundane, but Simmons looks for the humor in such subjects and finds a lot. He also talks about the challenges of being a parent who has to be on the road a great deal. “There have been a couple of times when I’ve been gone for two weeks straight,” he says.

“It’s weird how bad I feel about that. I’m going to write a book, How to be a Great Dad Seven Days a Month.”

Recently, though, he had a chance to take his son along to a radio interview. “We didn’t have anybody that could watch him, so I was going to have to take him along,” Simmons recalls. At first the younger Simmons was nervous, but after coming home from school one day, he was fired up. “He said, ‘I want to go on the radio.’ When asked why, he responded, 'Because I’ll be famous and have lots of money, and then everyone is happy.' ” Tom had to explain that money wasn’t necessarily the key to happiness. “He looked at me like, ‘Are you new here?’ ” Simmons performs at Go Bananas Thursday-Sunday. Tickets are $8-$12.

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