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Elektra Luxx (Review)

Upper-crust actors can't save this unmitigated flop

By Cole Smithey · May 19th, 2011 · Movies

How writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez got upper-crust actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julianne Moore to take part in this unmitigated flop is a mystery. Everything about this movie is off. Subplots don't connect. The tone is that of a comedy, but nothing is funny. As a sex-romp, nothing is sexy. Even the songs provided by the terrific Robyn Hitchcock don't work.

Carla Gugino plays a retired porn star named Elektra Luxx who teaches classes to inept housewives on how to make love like a porn star.

Elektra is preggers. This comes as great news to her old pal Cora (Marley Shelton) who barters a favor in exchange for some dumb song lyrics written by Elektra's ex-boyfriend. Said dude was a "Rock Star" who died before recording the songs, all of which are about Elektra.

Elektra is only too happy to do Cora's dicey bidding of seducing her fiancĂ© to compensate for her own dalliances. In a barely related subplot, Gordon-Levitt plays a "sex-blogger" with a proclivity for Swedish porn of the '70s. Moore does a weird cameo as a daydream version of the Virgin Mary. 

It doesn't help matters that the film's production values are lower than your average homemade YouTube video. Gutierrez has made a name for himself as the screenwriter of such dogs as Snakes on a Plane and Gothika. With that in mind, you'd think he might have hired a competent scriptwriter for a movie he was to direct. Grade: D

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