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Art: Fiber Arts

By Jane Durrell · May 17th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

In the crowded confines of Northside's NVISION, the most eclectic shop in the city's most eclectic neighborhood, the current special exhibition is a knockout. Iowa-based mixed-media artist Nancy Gamon makes fabric constructions that hang on the wall like pictures and invite you to imagine your own story lines for what's going on in them.

When Gamon mixes media, there's no stopping her — she includes neckties, bed sheets, dried moss, faux fur, buttons, thread and anything else that falls to hand. The results are engagingly 3-D. For example, partial masks (half a face lengthwise or half a face horizontally) are frequent. Her work fits perfectly into this shop that specializes in handcrafted, “redesigned or rediscovered” clothing, art and furnishings, some vintage and some simply secondhand.

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