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It's Bike Month!

By Danny Cross · May 4th, 2011 · Special

Hi! Guess what? It's Bike Month! Queen City Bike and dozens of sponsors, activists and cycling enthusiasts have a crazy month planned — from group rides and events to classes and free stuff at designated biker locations all over town. We've got the month-long schedule covered in our Bike Month events calendar, an update on the city's 2010 Bike Plan and a Q&A session with a guy who likes bikes so much he doesn't even have a car.

Enjoy, but be safe out there. Those guys on our cover this week are trained tandem-bike professionals, obviously.

MoBo: Get Your Hands Dirty

Cincinnati's MoBo Bicycle Coop offers people a chance to learn serious bike maintenance in a friendly environment. Catch up with some members during the annual bike sale in this video.



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