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Art: Jolie Harris and Valery Milovic

By Matt Morris · May 3rd, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

This Friday, Miller Gallery opens two new exhibitions featuring the abstract paintings of Jolie Harris and the Emo stylings of Valery Milovic.

Harris’ writing about paintings reveal the activity as an expression of spirituality: “As I immerse myself in the process, the color, rhythm and flow of each work, the rest of the world begins to fade. The works emerge from a source within, and come spontaneously as I go into a deeper state of consciousness.” Like the work of the Abstract Expressionists she emulates, the titles reveal that these pieces are based in experiences and memories of carnivals, cruises, dances and in the artist’s relationship to nature.

Milovic’s work is a few shades darker in mood. Goth little girls, vacant eyed rabbits, rag dolls and other characters act out scenes in which the artist hopes to embody “flaw, mortality, loneliness, apathy, misdirection, being invisible, being an outcast.” Given the soaring inner depths that propel Harris’ artistic choices and Milovic’s walk on the dark side, neither artist’s vision is for the faint at heart.

The opening reception is from 6-8 p.m. Go here for gallery hours and directions.



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