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Comedy: Kooks

By PF Wilson · May 3rd, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

In the past few years many have observed that comedians, not journalists or the media, are a more trusted source of information on current events, politics and societal issues. Humorists such as Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Jimmy Dore and Will Durst delve into the issues of the day and enlighten while also making us laugh. But what about other issues of interest to people, like UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, criticism of the Federal Reserve, conspiracy theories and unexplained phenomenon? Enter Kooks, a comedy trio featuring stand-ups Ryan Singer, Tom Simmons and Billy Wayne Davis.

“Our show covers anything that anybody would be considered a weirdo for believing in,” Singer explains. “It’s kind of like a combination of (radio show) Coast to Coast A.M. and The Daily Show.” The audience sometimes gets involved in the show with unpredictable consequences, particularly when topics like 9/11 conspiracies come up. “We had a show (in Atlanta) where there was a lot of audience participation that we weren’t necessarily counting on. The audience started screaming at each other and it ended up coming together in the end, but it was pretty intense.” 8 p.m. Wednesday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. Tickets are $8. Go here for show details.



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