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Art: Together We Are More Than One Person

By Matt Morris · April 26th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Springtime brings new flowers, baby animals and spry young artists bursting onto the local scene with their Fine Arts degrees and senior thesis exhibitions at schools all over the city. The Art Academy of Cincinnati has been rotating through group shows on a weekly basis and this week it opens Together We Are More Than One Person, featuring the work of Dan Becker, Tanner Bowden, David de Bol, Kristina Ehrman, Matilda Gertrude Paulin and Emma Williams. Employing a range of photographic methods —from traditional techniques to shooting videos with cell phones and sourcing images from the Internet — Atlanta-native de Bol abstracts and fragments temporary social gatherings like dance parties, karaoke and nights out among friends.

Paulin also explores ways that art concepts can be suspended into contemporary culture and technology. One video intended for consumption on YouTube riffs upon the now-viral "Friday" music video by Rebecca Black. In another recent work, Paulin questions the validity and experience of painting through a mathematic set theory.

The exhibition runs through Friday. A closing reception coincides with Over-the-Rhine’s Final Friday art walk from 5-8 p.m. at. the Art Academy (1212 Jackson St., Over-the-Rhine). Go here for gallery hours and exhibition details.



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