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Ginger Rhodes [Principal, Hughes High School]

By Karen Christopfel · April 20th, 2011 · Look Who's Eating

Hughes High School is a Clifton landmark. Its prodigious tower, complete with gargoyles, has been keeping watch over the city for 100 years and the Rookwood fountains and striking architecture have put it on the must-see list for local history buffs. The building is indeed remarkable, but what is even more impressive are the students and staff that call the building a second home. The gargoyles keep watch over the exterior, but one woman, principal Ginger Rhodes (and her staff, of course), keeps the interior running like clockwork.

CityBeat: What’s the last great meal you ate and where did you eat it?
Ginger Rhodes: The last great meal I had was at Barresi’s in Deer Park. I don’t hear too much about the place and it’s a shame! I was with a group and was able to sample many excellent dishes. I had their Bufala Mozzarella Caprese salad. I am always suspicious of tomatoes in March, but these were delicious. I grazed on seafood pasta, a divine salmon dish and their Veal Barresi. A perfect combination of a veal marsala and veal piccata.

CB: Let’s talk school lunch. What’s your favorite?
GR: The three-way chili. It is meaty, filling and gets you through those long days!



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