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Art: Little Kings at Prairie Gallery

By Steven Rosen · April 19th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Boxing is a brutal sport, one that all too often leads to injury and even death, but it is also among the most heavily romanticized by writers like A.J. Leibling, artists like George Bellows, and films from Body and Soul to The Fighter. Maybe it's just admiration for what the boxers are willing to risk for success -- there's nothing metaphoric about seeing it as a life-and-death struggle.

And maybe it's just the drama and tension inherent in each match. Chris Bucher's photography series Little Kings at Prairie, 4035 Hamilton Ave. in Northside through June 11, continues that tradition. He tracks via large-scale photographs the progress of inner-city kids in Indianapolis as they prepare for the 2008 Ringside World Championships in Kansas City. The show is paired with one in which eight young Cincinnatians photographed boxers at Mount Auburn Recreation Center.

Go here for gallery hours and exhibit details.



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