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Comedy: Rachel Feinstein

By PF Wilson · April 19th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
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The bio on Rachel Feinstein’s website mentions that the comedian will release a CD later this year on Comedy Central Records. Where do you suppose she’s going to record it? “Comedy Central recommended it,” she said of the decision to record at Go Bananas in Montgomery. “They said the crowds are smart, fun and not uptight. I figured they would welcome my shenanigans and not judge me and look at me suspiciously.”

Feinstein started her stand-up career as the opening act for her father’s Blues outfit.

He was a moonlighting civil rights lawyer.� Her set then was based on impressions of her raucous relatives, a skill that became the foundation of the character-driven act audiences are enjoying today. She was drawn to comedy for a simple reason. “I had a talent for it and an absence of talent for all things academic,” she explains. “I felt powerful when I was imitating people and being inappropriate. I felt a lack of power when I was attempting to complete any assignment. Luckily my parents pushed me to do stand-up. They told all of us to do what we liked, or we would rapidly decay inside.” Incidentally, the impressions didn’t go away. “I do a Kim Kardashian and Amy Winehouse, and I'm working on those crazy real house wife broads. They love money.”

Rachel Feinstein performs at Go Bananas in Montgomery Thursday-Saturday. Go here for ticket information and special discounts.



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