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Comedy: Todd Barry

By PF Wilson · April 12th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Todd Barry bristles somewhat when he's described as a “comedian’s comedian,” but he is often cited by his fellow comics as a favorite.

“That isn’t always a good thing,” he says. “That’s sometimes a backhanded compliment. It also is high praise, I suppose, if you’re liked by your peers. That’s a good thing. I assume that’s how it’s meant.”

Barry comes to town this week on the Spring Value Tour along with comedian Neil Hamburger, the bizarre alter ego of musician Greg Turkington.

It’s a nice juxtaposition of styles, with Barry’s casual manner providing a stark counterpoint to Hamburger’s frenetic delivery. As a bit of a twist, the tour is stopping mostly at what are traditionally music venues, like the Southgate House in Newport.

“Me and Neil use the same booker who is mainly a music booker, but he’s doing more comedy now,” Barry says.

The Rock club setting provides a slightly different audience for Barry as opposed to what he might find at a comedy club.

“When you do a music venue, you definitely play to more people, and people that go and see you at music venue are often people who are more fans of you,” Barry says. “They have to look for you at those places, although the comedy club circuit is quite good.”

Todd Barry and Neil Hamburger, with special guest Brandon Walsh, perform Friday at The Southgate House. Go here to read P.F. Wilson's full interview.



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