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David Taylor [La Poste]

By Anne Mitchell · April 6th, 2011 · Look Who's Eating

David Taylor’s tastes range from the international to the simplest of comfort food. His home cooking is mostly one-dish suppers made in his grandmother’s cast-iron fried chicken pan. His meals at La Poste (3410 Telford St., Clifton, 513-281-3663) are also straight from the heart — honest food like pork shank with white beans and kale, and a roasted half chicken with fingerling potatoes and green beans.

CityBeat: What was the last great meal you ate and where did you eat it?
David Taylor: Probably I’d have to say Mekong Thai Cuisine in Kenwood.

I love their Pad Kee-Mao with chicken, with those wide noodles and lots of basil and broccoli. My wife and I both love their Tom Yum Soup. I was sick recently and that was the only thing I wanted to eat. It was the only thing I could taste!

CB: Since LaPoste has a post office theme, we were wondering — if you had to design a food-related postage stamp, what would be on it?
DT: Funny you should ask, because we did just design a stamp for LaPoste with our logo, a fork. But if it were for me personally? I’d say, something to do with Barcelona, Spain. That is my favorite food-related place to travel, so I’d either put the place or their food on my stamp.



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