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Sleeper Agent

March 31 • Bogart's

By Reyan Ali · March 29th, 2011 · Sound Advice

At a time when music sites and social networking feeds supply endless amounts of info and feedback about bands with even the tiniest doses of cultural relevance, it's difficult for any hyped act to stay undissected for long. But as of this writing, Sleeper Agent are still at the head of their buzz cycle, with a bland MySpace page indicative of a branding blitz that will inevitably kick in. Currently, there are only a handful of interviews and reviews dedicated to the group, yet the positive vibes they've been reeling in (one of the top guys at Spin magazine's website deemed them his “Best Discovery” at South By Southwest) mean that there's bound to be more details soon. Let's get acquainted with them before the whole world does.

Forming in 2008 in Bowling Green, Ky.— the same locale as buddies and tour-mates Cage the Elephant — Sleeper Agent is a five-piece playing spirited, Garage-tinted AltRock, sounding like a genial combo of Cage, Band of Horses, The White Stripes and occasionally Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Sleeper Agent unabashedly adore the hook, cramming songs with vocal chants and flamboyant riffs that mercilessly crack their way into your head. Having completed only a smattering of recordings, “Get It Daddy” is their current stand-out, an immensely cheery track that's just waiting to be marketed as some kind of summer anthem. The chorus is good enough to justify a trip to their MySpace right this instant.

That crucial knowledge aside, there's little else out there about the band, aside from inconsequential trivia — they make goofy and disjointed video logs, sport nicknames like Kidd and Grizzlee and whoever's been posting on their Twitter and Facebook is really into this whole Rebecca Black joke. When the band’s debut LPCelabrasion comes out soon, we'll probably be learning a whole lot more about these folks.

Sleeper Agent plays Bogart's Thursday, March 31 with guests Cage the Elephant and Biffy Clyro. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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