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Music: Wild Talents

By C.A. MacConnell · March 29th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Studying E.T.s and paranormal oddities was all in a day’s work for Charles Fort, a writer/researcher who developed a cult following. In 1932, Fort coined the phrase “wild talents,” referring to eerie psychic and mental abilities.

Named after the book by the same name, in this same supernatural vein, local band Wild Talents breathes out ghostly Pop/Punk with a Shoegaze feel. All songs set a contemplative mood, an “emotional, thinking it over” feel, the moment in a movie when the climax ends and the falling action begins.

M. McGuire (guitar) and Lurancy Vennum (vocals, keys, bass) telepathically write all of the lyrics. Short-haired, big-eyed wise one McGuire owns several parrots. Seemingly a born intuitive, he settles back and thinks before he speaks, downplaying the pretentious, soon capturing everyone’s entire moods and thought processes in one sentence. When asked how the band came to be, he pauses, grins and states, “We met on a whaling ship.”

In Minnesota, McGuire played in numerous bands, later moving to Cincinnati for love. (True: I was a wedding witness.) Back then, new to town, McGuire decided to make some musical shifts towards the realm of Sonic Youth.

Wild Talents plays Mainstay Rock Bar Friday. Go here to read C.A. MacConnell's full interview.



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