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Music: Great Young Hunters

By Nick Grever · March 23rd, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Emptying change jars, digging through couch cushions, turning pockets inside out, shining a flashlight under the fridge hoping to retrieve a lost quarter from yesteryear — some bands will do anything to get into the recording studio. Rounding up some money to lay down a few tracks is a rite of passage nowadays. For Northern Kentucky’s Great Young Hunters, this wasn’t just a rite of passage; it was pretty much a monthly occurrence.

But when you’re heading into the studio to record your debut LP while simultaneously trying to establish yourself within an over-saturated local scene, battling the kitchen’s dust bunnies is the least of your worries.

Cincinnati has a vast and flourishing Indie scene.

However, in an omnipresent scene, all the heartfelt lyrics and well-written chord progressions in the world won’t get you very far. It requires bands to be more daring with their music, both lyrically and sonically. It requires experimentation, expansion and determination. It requires a work ethic to which GYH’s singer/guitarist Nick Hill, guitarist David Coombs, drummer Benjamin Sims and bassist Brandon Lomax subscribe.

Great Young Hunters celebrate the release of Civil Twilight at Southgate House Friday with guests Sweet Ray Laurel and All Dinosaurs. Go here to read Nick Grever's full interview.



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