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Mike Maxwell [Market Wines, Owner]

By Brian Cross · March 9th, 2011 · Look Who's Eating

Relative newcomer to Over-the-Rhine’s Findlay Market scene, Market Wines (market-wines.com) has quickly become a hotspot for knowledgeable wine lovers and neophytes alike. Owner Mike Maxwell moved to Cincinnati in 1997 and worked in the wine business for a while before opening Market Wines in 2008. Maxwell has long been a Findlay Market shopper and wanted to have his own shop. But it was the people around him who planted the seed in his mind for a wine shop at Findlay Market. Since he always worked around wine, the absence of vino at the market had never bothered him. “Of all the time coming down to Findlay Market it never occurred to me (that it needed a wine shop),” he says. “There were a lot of people who said this is something that has been needed for such a long time.”

CityBeat: What was your last great meal and where did you have it?
Mike Maxwell
: I would probably say my son’s 10th birthday.

Of all the things that he could do or places to go, he wanted to have his friends over and do fondue … it’s been his big thing; he loves fondue. So we did a cheese fondue as well as a regular fondue and chocolate fondue for dessert. He picked out all the foods he wanted to do with it and it was fun for me because my son is into food and is enjoying it and for me that’s something that’s really cool because of what I do.

CB: Now that you work at Findlay, do you find yourself frequenting a certain market vendor a lot?
: I couldn’t really pick one, but the one that I love that I try not to frequent too much is Dojo Gelato, because I’m trying not to become bigger than a house. Their flavor combinations are evil. Sometimes I’m tempted to take in more than I really need to.

Get a crash course in understanding German Wines from Mike Maxwell



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