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Music: Lords of Acid with Prada Khan

By Rich Shivener · March 8th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

They say Heaven Is an Orgasm. They say Expand Your Head. They say they have the Greatest T*ts.

And so many more orgasmic delights: vaginas, cocks, LSD hits, hot licks, strippers, Punk, Disco … everything danceable, headbangable and arousing. Hailing from the shadows of Belgium, the Lords of Acid is a sexually charged collective led by Industrial/Techno freak Praga Kahn.

The Acid maestro and his beloveds have been seducing nightclubs since 1988, when the Lords released “I Sit on Acid,” a hypnotic, Trance-soaked single flecked with the mantra “I wanna sit on your face.”

Four studio albums full of sex bombs followed that single, but the band hasn't released a new one since 2000. While Lords' last release was a 2003 hits (wait, “tits”) compilation, Kahn has released solo records, the last being Soundscraper.

Praga Kahn and his sex-charged collective Lords of Acid perform Tuesday at 20th Century Theatre in Oakley. Go here to read Rich Shivener's full Sound Advice.



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