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Why I Drink On The West Side

By Stef Fuhr · February 23rd, 2011 · Swizzle

Like most West Siders, I don’t venture far from home. Not for a beer anyway. I am not a sports enthusiast but often find myself sitting in friendly neighborhood bars, sipping 16-ounce draft beer specials and cheering whenever it seems necessary. I boast enough knowledge of whatever is on the TV screen to fit in and nod in agreement when discussing high school athletics.

Upon entering any West Side establishment, I can expect to reunite with friends of my eighth-grade past, to hug teachers and high-five soccer coaches. I love that no one has to ask me where I went to high school or grade school, and I never call a cab — I ask my mom to pick me up if I’ve had too many. I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing because jeans and a T-shirt are the uniform of the West Side. Anything suitable for the gym is good enough for Delhi bars. You aren’t expected to throw a dart or shoot pool in your Sunday best.

A night on the West Side of town calls for a stop by Maloney’s for burger mania, a BOGO burger special the bar features on Tuesdays, or a beer at Hot Wings Sports Café where my parents are most likely saving me a stool. Ask any Delhian and he or she will say that this sports café has the best wings on the West Side.

If you are really up for an adventure, Cheviot is a must. Duck into Keller’s Cheviot Café for a round of karaoke, The Tavern to throw some bags and the Black Sheep and club it up.

If you are lucky you could catch a Cheviot pub crawl, a battle of the neighborhood bars where you fight to stay coherent enough to make it to the next stop and earn your XL T-shirt trophy. Like any West Sider, I cherish my Ts. I wear them like a badge of honor, because each shirt has a story. Like that one Halloween when we fought for a cab so hard that Ron’s Cab blacklisted my digits.

This is what I love about drinking close to home. Not only am I guaranteed a ride, I don’t have to pay a cover charge or spend ridiculous amounts of money on food or drinks. Plus, I like that everybody knows my name.

What To Do:
• Live music at Jim & Jack’s on the River, 3456 River Road
• Comic Book Trivia on Thursdays and regular trivia on Wednesdays at Maury’s Tiny Cove, 3908 Harrison Ave.
• Trivia on Wednesdays at Take 5 Bar and Grill, 6957 Harrison Ave.

What To Drink:
• Blueberry beer at Holy Grail Tavern & Grille, 1278 Ebenezer Road
• Wine made in-house at Henke Winery, 3077 Harrison Ave.
• Bring your own mug for $1.10 fill-up on Mondays at Maloney’s Pub, 408 Greenwell Ave.
• Wine made in-house at Vinoklet Winery and Restaurant, 11069 Colerain Ave.

What To Eat:
• Pizza and bar food at Black Sheep Bar and Grill, 3807 North Bend Road
• Chicken wings at Hot Wings Sports Cafe, 5297 Delhi Ave.
• Burger Mania (buy one-get one free) on Tuesdays at Maloney’s Pub, 408 Greenwell Ave.
• Steak and upscale dining at Maury’s Tiny Cove, 3908 Harrison Ave.
• Full menu at Pirate’s Den, 3670 Werk Road



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