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Why I Drink In Mount Adams

By Alicia Williams · February 23rd, 2011 · Swizzle

Mount Adams is one of the places where the experience of drinking can change one’s life forever ... OK maybe not forever, but at least for the night. I am loyal to this hilly terrain and its magnificent view of Cincinnati for its friendly bartenders and outgoing social atmosphere.

On any given night my friends and I might pre-game for a couple hours at our apartments in the suburbs before heading to our final destination. Crushing each other in drinking games helps get us in the mood, and as we saddle up our DD (and, no, not our drunk driver) it’s likely that we’ll belligerently scream the lyrics of our favorite songs along the way.

It’s always fun to pop into Crowley’s — the first stop on the hill and one of the cheaper places in Mount Adams to get drinks, with shots and drinks ranging from $3-$7. Let’s be honest here: We’re college students on a $25 budget so we’ll take a deal where we can get it. The Irish décor is hard to miss and the tag-teamed karaoke is good people watching. We’re pretty free-spirited with what we drink, and Crowley’s bartenders are open to our “Russian Roulette” style of drinking so a couple of “whatever they feel like mixing” will do.

It’s easy to get sucked into a family atmosphere like Crowley’s for an entire evening, but because Mount Adams offers so many other types of hangouts it’s important to consider your alternatives.

Within walking distance are The Pavilion, with its gorgeous outdoor decks and featured DJs blasting dance music, and just down the street is AliveOne and its sexy crowds and fancy drinks. But it seems like we always end up making it down to Monk’s Cove, where the Jello shots bring us back to our pre-gaming mood. And if someone ends up buying raging glasses or glow sticks then we know we’ve had a good night.

All in all, a night in Mount Adams is one to remember, or forget, however you roll, and is a destination must for a wild yet classy night.

What To Do:
• Open mic, DJs and live bands at Longworth’s Tavern, 1108 St. Gregory St.
• Drink specials and DJs at Mount Adams Pavilion, 949 Pavilion St.
• Rugby and soccer on TV at Tap & Go, 950 Pavilion St.

What To Drink:
• More than 75 microbrews at AliveOne, 941 Pavilion St.
• Hot Toddy and Hot Buttered Rum at Blind Lemon, 936 Hatch St.
• Spicy Bloody Marys at City View Tavern, 403 Oregon St.
• Pre-prohibition era cocktails at The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant, 1077 Celestial St.

What To Eat:
• Elegant dining with a picturesque view of the city at Incline Lounge at The Celestial, 1071 Celestial St.
• Specialty margaritas and full dining menu at Mount Adams Bar & Grill, 938 Hatch St.
• Dine and drink inside the historic Rookwood Pottery kilns at The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant, 1077 Celestial St.

What To Find Nearby:
• Middle Eastern food, belly dancers at hookah pipes at Andy’s Mediterranean Grille, 906 Nassau St. (Eden Park)
• Jazz, spoken word and Hip Hop at The Greenwich, 2442 Gilbert Ave. (Walnut Hills)



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