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Don't Speak Ill of the City

By · February 21st, 2007 · Letters
Regarding the letter "Can't Figure Us Out" (issue of Jan. 31), the writer implies that people residing in Cincinnati can't recognize things that are wrong in the city. I see things wrong with Cincinnati: a high crime rate, lack of shopping centers and insufficient parking space. I also see the benefits of living in Cincinnati: many job opportunities, walking distance to amenities and the excitement of living in a large city.

I'm not ignorant to the deficiencies of the city. I choose not to speak of them. I don't wish to emphasize negativity toward Cincinnati.

Every city has its faults. If someone is unhappy in Cincinnati, they should leave.

-- Tammy Wessler, Cincinnati

Opinion on Horse Droppings Stinks
Margo Pierce's article on how Cincinnati handles its shit ("The Poop on Cincinnati," issue of Jan.

24) states that horse droppings don't stink or contribute to diseases. Evidently, Sgt. Matthew C. Cornacchione doesn't know shit from Shineola.

My fiance and I live across the street from a horse farm, and I can assure you that horse shit stinks! Furthermore, being an RN, I know that horse droppings carry the e-coli bacteria.

-- Tom Herron and Linda Howell


What's Justice Got to Do With it?
The "Justice for Marcus Feisel" campaign going on right now rubs me the wrong way. It is too late for Marcus to have "justice." We should have been concerned about him a long time ago. Punishing Liz Carroll will not give justice to Marcus. It would be more worth our while to make changes in the way we treat children in America and be honest about how little we really care about "throwaway" children like Marcus and the millions who go to bed hungry every night. Acting like we want to punish Liz Carroll does not correct that terrible flaw. America's shame is not so easily resolved.

-- Mike Shryock, Madeira



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