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Comedy: Rory Scovel

By PF Wilson · February 8th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

“It’s kind of eclectic,” comedian Rory Scovel says of his act. “I have a lot on drugs like pot and mushrooms. I do some political jokes, but never anything serious. I would describe my act as very silly and very non-serious.” The Greenville, S.C., native got into comedy at an open mic poetry night. “I asked the guy running it if I could tell jokes, and he said, ‘Go for it.’ I had friends there who were buying drinks and spending money, so he didn’t care.

I went up and told what I thought were jokes, just talking really, and it was so much fun I decided to really get in to it.” From Greenville he went to Washington, D.C., and while there did as many open mics as he could, crashing at his sister’s place. Indeed, it was his family that gave him his comedic sensibility. “My whole family is funny,” Scovel says. “And they’re all smart asses, so I kind of grew up in that kind of environment.”

At Go Bananas (at Montgomery’s Festival Market Place) this week, Scovel performs with noted headliner Brandon Walsh, who appeared on the Conan O’Brien Show last fall. Walsh also just taped two appearances on the John Oliver Stand-up New York Show. Scovel performs Thursday-Sunday.

Go here for show times and ticket information.



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