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Art: Weston Art Gallery Exhibitions

By Selena Reder · February 1st, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends

Dennis Harrington, director of downtown’s Weston Art Gallery, looks for connections when he brings artists together for exhibition. This time, however, he did not find a common thread linking artists Diana Duncan Holmes, Todd Reynolds and Elissa Morley, whose work is now on display. So there’s no need to overexert yourself in search of a common theme. Enjoy each exhibit for its individual mastery.

“I’ve always played with movement, chance and light,” Holmes says, speaking by phone. Holmes says that she was struck by the austere landscape of Reykjavik, Iceland, during a month-long residency. She describes an environment of green moss, blue lagoons, black lava fields and white glaciers.� “It made me want to go into my subject matter almost at the cellular level,” Holmes says.� This became the impetus for her current exhibition of digital photographs Movement, Chance, Light.

Reynolds’ Utopia shares the dark undertones of artists who lived through persecution and genocide.

Chief among these influences is Francisco Goya, whose Los Caprichos etchings were shown recently at the Taft Museum. Reynolds’ painting “A Baker Bakes His Cake” is a commentary on the cutthroat nature of the art world. The artist is a court jester, slumped on the floor with his little pallet and brush. He is modeled after “The Dwarf� Sebastian de Morra” by Diego Velázquez, the Spanish master painter. Depicting the artist as a fool is a familiar motif in Goya’s Los Caprichos.

Morley’s Vision: Things That Fly on the street-level gallery is a realm of stillness and renewal. Her landscape on translucent vellum spans much of the window space. Pinks and blues predominate, as do swimming pools, tropical plants, butterflies and sailing vessels, all depicted in two-dimensional and sculptural forms.

Movement, Chance, Light, Utopia and Vision: Things That Fly continue to be on display at Weston Art Gallery through Feb. 27. Go here to read Selena Reder's full review.



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