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Shawn McCoy [Brown Dog Cafe]

By Karen Christopfel · January 26th, 2011 · Look Who's Eating

Good food that is not pretentious. That’s what owner and chef Shawn McCoy of the Brown Dog Café (5893 Pfeiffer Road, Blue Ash, 513-794-1610) wants to provide for his guests. And with a creative menu served in his cozy Blue Ash restaurant, he does just that.

CityBeat: What’s the last great meal you ate and where did you eat it?
Shawn McCoy
: A great meal was recently shared with my wife and son at Jag’s (Steak and Seafood in West Chester).

The steak was great, as was the sushi, but the true enjoyment of the evening was the staff. We sat in the bar where there was a pianist playing and my son got up to dance as the chef happened by. She obliged him with a dance — you just don’t get that everywhere. The owner came by to chat, too. Good food, good music, good company and a happy kid; it doesn’t get any better than that.

CB: Is it difficult for you to take off your chef hat when you are out for a meal?
: I am never pleased with my own efforts as far as food goes and am always lamenting the one guest who was displeased when 99 others were ecstatic about their experience, so when dining out, it goes without saying that I am going to be critical of the food, yet I would never complain.



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