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Music: Walk the Moon

By Brain Baker · January 11th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
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Until recently, Walk the Moon’s membership had more turnovers than the Bengals in the fourth quarter. The band’s lineup has fluctuated since vocalist/keyboardist Nicholas Petricca officially put WTM together three years ago, but that situation changed in 2010. Since recording their debut full length I Want! I Want! in late 2009, the band underwent yet another complete shift with the addition of bassist Kevin Ray and drummer Sean Waugaman.

“These guys started playing with me last January/February and were kind of on a creative hired-gun basis, until this summer,” says Petricca over lunch at Sitwell’s in Clifton.

“Then we really started buckling down and became the new Walk the Moon.”

There’s a difference with this latest iteration of WTM, a sense of history and connection that Petricca’s other lineups might not have possessed. Although the guitar slot is currently held by Chris Robinson, who is cutting back his band involvement, Petricca’s new rhythm section is down for the long haul. Ray and Petricca are childhood pals — their mothers were best friends — and although they’d been out of contact for nearly a decade and a half (they both moved from St. Louis at an early age), their renewed friendship has translated into a solid musical relationship. In turn, Waugaman and Ray were also childhood friends; the two musicians have played in a variety of bands together since seventh grade.

Walk the Moon performs a free show Saturday at Northside Tavern with The Minor Leagues and The Pass. Go here to read the full interview and get show details.



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