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Muse, Patricia Day and Justin Bieber

By Staff · January 4th, 2011 · Minimum Gauge


Star Whores

Save a few exceptions, for musicians with a taste of stardom, too much can never be enough to make then stop pursuing even more success and fame. But there has to be a point when some excesses are just too overly cliché and blatantly … excessive. Serving thawed dinosaur meat at dinner parties? Slow down there, Rock Star! Shopping for a larger private jet to ship your smaller private jets across the country? Priorities, slick! There are children in Third World countries without one airborne vehicle! In serious talks to become the first band to play in outer space? All right, Muse, time for an “extended hiatus.” The U.K. rockers verified to The Sun that they have had discussions with people who could help put them into orbit to perform, saying that it’s something they really want to do, even though they’d have to “scale back” their live show to make the gig happen. Then the band said this was the reason tickets to all forthcoming Muse concerts would be in the “$6000 range” and climbed on the backs of their flying golden robot camels for a press conference on top of Mount Everest to announce their new vodka brand made from the tears of endangered Grand Cayman blue iguanas.


Also, New "Scumbag Kenn" Doll? Totally Mel Gibson

Having your likeness used as the basis for an American icon like the Barbie doll could be taken a few ways.

On one level, it could be a compliment on your style and its effect on popular culture. But if your ability to effect popular culture is relatively nonexistent, then maybe it could be taken as an insult to your style — what’s more bland and vanilla than “Barbie style”? Besides “Skipper style,” of course. Not sure where Patricia Day, singer for Danish Punk/Psychobilly band HorrorPops, falls in those scenarios, but the tatted-up, Rockabilly-styled vocalist thinks the tatted-up, Rockabilly-styled Barbie that was part of Mattel’s collectible “Hard Rock” series of dolls is totally biting her look. She’s suing the toymaker, claiming Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett gave consent for the use of their images, but she was never approached for permission to use hers. The suit claims that Day’s work to help redefine women’s place in Rock & Roll is “a vision that runs contrary and antithetical to everything for which Mattel's Barbie doll line stands,” such as unusually fantastic posture and complete lack of genitalia.


Justin Case You Needed Proof 911 Mosque Protestors Are Insane

One of the most vocal and active opponents of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (in reality, Park51, a place of worship being planned for downtown Manhattan that is being used as a political fire-starter by some crafty right-wingers) found the molehill he helped turned into a mountain become a credibility-ruining volcano recently, with a little help from Pop star Justin Bieber. After hearing about an interview in which Bieber supported the religious center, Andy Sullivan, anti-“very hurtful and distasteful Ground Zero Mosque” (his words) activist, added Bieber to his “Face Book Boycott” (his spelling) list, alongside Jon Stewart, Michael Bloomberg and other people that believe “freedom of religion” to be an iron-clad concept. Sullivan’s kids were so upset, they took down their posters and took back all “I will luv him 4 ever!” proclamations about the Pop singer. Then it was reported that the “interview” came from a fake online news story and Sullivan issued an apology to Bieber in which he also managed to plug his upcoming road-trip to refute the goodwill tour of Park51 Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf. A leader with the guts to launch a surely misspelled and ill-punctuated attack campaign on a 16-year-old over an unverified Internet posting, disillusioning his even younger children in the process, all in the name of thinly veiled bigotry and misdirected hatred? GOP, your new Republican National Committee Chairman has arrived …



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