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Support the Troops, Bring Them Home

By · February 14th, 2007 · Letters
I enjoyed the article "Together Against War" (issue of Jan. 31) about U.S. soldiers wanting a withdrawal from Iraq. I believe that President Bush and Congress should end the war and give the soldiers what they're asking for: a withdrawal.

It isn't right for our American soldiers to be over in Iraq fighting for something they no longer believe in. Polls show that 72 percent of U.S. soldiers and 60 percent of Americans are wanting a withdrawal of the forces. Why make someone do something against their will?

I'm not saying that we should end the war, but the soldiers that want out of the U.S. forces should be let out. We have supported them going over there to fight, so why can't we support them by allowing them to leave and come home to their families?

It should be about what the people want as well as what the President and Congress want.

-- Danyell Robinson, Colerain

Crazy/Savvy as a Fox
As one of the owners of The Crazy Fox Saloon, I just wanted to point out a needed correction to our listing in Swizzle (issue of Feb. 22, 2006; listings were used again in Annual Manual, issue of Dec. 27, 2006). Let me start by saying thanks for including us, as the Swizzle bar guide is a great resource. It's understandable with so much information about so many bars a few mistakes might get through.

Swizzle says of the Crazy Fox: "Although originally intended as a gay bar, the clientele is decidedly mixed." No.

The Crazy Fox Saloon was always intended as a mixed bar. The reason this is important to us is because it's at the very heart of our business philosophy.

Yes, as a bar, goal No. 1 is to make some money and pay the bills. But beyond that we want to have a positive effect upon the community in which we live. The best way to end intolerance and discrimination is to get diverse people to get to know one another. That's been our goal from day one.

It's easy to hate "those other people," but once you really get to know just one person from that different group everything changes. You begin to realize we all have so many more things in common and most differences are very superficial.

And it has made a difference in our community! I'll relay one example: A few years back my business partner was sent a neo-Nazi death threat through the mail. We called the police, who then called the FBI. It turns out that a number of people in the region -- including a few federal judges -- had received similar letters during the year prior. My partner had spoken out in the press a few times in support of gay marriage rights, and apparently that hadn't gone unnoticed.

We decided not to make a big deal of the whole threat thing and let the police do their work, but a Kentucky Post reporter saw the letter in the police reports and decided to run the story. Two days after the story ran we stopped in the Crazy Fox to find it packed with our neighbors from Newport and beyond, who all wanted to show their support. They told us we were an asset to the community and that they stood with us. Wow!

The neighborhood association put together pledges for a $1,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Nearly a year passed when out of the blue we got a call from the FBI informing us that they caught the guy.

As it turns out, the reward from our neighbors was posted online, where someone saw it and had an idea who might be responsible. He contacted the FBI, agreed to wear a wire and got the guy to 'fess up on tape. The perpetrator got two and a half years for interstate terroristic threatening -- he lived in Ohio. All of this happened because our neighbors appreciate the role of a mixed bar in the community and understand that diversity is good.

So, if you would be so kind, please change our listing. We're a mixed bar by design, not by accident. Our byline is and always has been "A Friendly Mix of Humanity," and it's our way of trying to make our community a better place for all.

-- Terry L. Bond Jr., Newport

Editor Responds: Congratulations to The Crazy Fox. Your success is why your establishment was included in Swizzle, the annual guide to CityBeat's favorite 200 bars in Greater Cincinnati. This year's Swizzle will be published on Feb. 28, and Crazy Fox certainly will be listed again -- with a change in the historical record.



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