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A Year in Film and Music

By Staff · December 22nd, 2010 · Music

Our Beautiful Dark Listed Fantasies: Local musicians and music scribes pick their fave moments of 2010
Whatcha wanna know? The best songs to walk your dog to? Some album that must be in your collection? The funniest anagram for the band name Freelance Whales? Or maybe you want to recall the best moments of Cincinnati music or MPMF. Whatever your motivation, we brought together local musicians and writer to create over a dozen top-ten lists for your amusement and delight. Read more here.

Perception is Everything: Movie reality, the struggles of indie cinema and the metaphorical relevance of Toy Story 3
Summing up a year is always a tricky proposition. It’s even trickier at this late date in our rapidly fracturing cultural landscape. Consensus on anything — from our politics to the very nature of reality — is more fleeting than ever in a world where context is obliterated by encroaching, fast-moving technologies that allow us to create our own narrowly defined headspaces. Read more here.

Twisted Visions: A look at 2010's best of-the-wall DVDs
I love the year’s end.

As a writer who delves into the wonders of cinema on DVD, December turns thoughts to the mountains of films consumed over the past 12 months. Believe me, it’s a lot. Sussing out the best is an awesome task, but it can lead to hair-pulling conundrums. Where to begin? Read more here.

A Return to Invisibility: 2010 was a confounding year for black folks at the movies
There have always been urban films — from the black exploitation films of the 1970s to the comic movies that capitalized on stand-up performers transitioning to the mainstream to the hood action dramas infused with Hip Hop sensibilities — but it seemed as if black folks would finally be moving on up out of the Hollywood ghetto. Read more here.

Law Breakers: It was an epic year for crime dramas
2010 was a year filled with attempts to make “crime epics” worthy of the first two Godfathers’ ambitions and acting levels, if not always with the same kind of resources available to realize the vision of Coppola’s classics. But they’ve moved beyond the American dream — these new attempts often come from abroad and play the art-house circuit. And, increasingly, they’re being made for television. Read more here.

Social Networks, Deft Docs and Gift Shops: CityBeat writers unveil their favorite films of 2010
A celebration of 2010 in film: a collection that features everything from crafty documentaries — it was yet another strong year for that ever-evolving genre — to a few high-profile Hollywood productions to less visible offerings from across the cinematic landscape. Read more here.



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