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Art: Sweet Tooth (Revisited) at BonBonerie

By Matt Morris · December 7th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Bill Ross’ paintings are often populated by anthropomorphized animals, day-dreamy colorful patterns and signifiers of a long Midwestern memory, such as water towers and expansive fields. But as often as anything else recurs, so do pink iced desserts. These confectionary depictions lend themselves to their current context in Sweet Tooth (Revisited) at the BonBonerie (2030 Madison Road, O’Bryonville; 513-321-3399).

Minefields of cupcakes roll across hills and are nibbled at by weary turtles. In another piece, a purple primate swings through an electric blue nocturne to run his finger across the top of a three-tiered cake in a gesture of intimacy. Meanwhile a little orange, striped creature reaches up for a hug. Throughout Ross’ paintings characters open their arms for embraces that no one satisfies, and it seems as though the dessert images reiterate the themes of longing, desire and lack of satisfaction that such scenes suggest. When those heartaches feel too much to bear, order a cupcake and a pot of tea from the BonBonerie menu. Paintings stay on view through the end of the year. 

Go here for cafe hours and exhibit information.



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