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Mike Aug [NorthSlice Pizza]

By Brian Cross · December 1st, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
Before opening the NorthSlice Pizza window (1609 Chase Ave., Northside, 513- 541-5858), Mike Aug had worked for specialty food distributors and grocers around town for years but he never worked at a pizza place. Aside from only a little experimenting at home, his first time making pizzas was NorthSlice’s almost-opening night inside the Gypsy Hut about three years ago. “The first night I was a disaster; I didn’t even open,” Aug says.

NorthSlice was inspired by No Anchovies, a former pizza joint on Ludlow in Clifton where Aug and his friends hung out when they were younger. When Aug moved to Northside 10 years ago, he saw an opportunity for a place like that in his new community, a neighborhood spot where people feel comfortable just hanging out.

The newest incarnation of NorthSlice in the former Portofino location on Chase Avenue promises to be that place. The menu will be expanded and the dining room will open by early December; look NorthSlice up on Facebook or bookmark northslice.blogspot.com for the latest updates. (Brian Cross)

CityBeat: What was the last great meal you had and where did you have it?
Mike Aug
: It was at Findlay Market at Pho Lang Thang. They have two fresh spring rolls but they were out of them so I had the fried and it was awesome. And I had the traditional beef Banh Mi sandwich. It was great … I had heard good things and it measured up.

CB: Where did you learn to make such a good slice?
: I just kind of studied it. I looked at tons of different recipes, read a lot, and everything boiled down to doing things very simply and I just followed a compilation of ideas based on a New York-style thin crust. I just use good stuff, put it together and put it in the oven.



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