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Robbing to Start a Record Label, Reality TV and Rolling Stone's Next Venture

By Mike Breen · November 24th, 2010 · Minimum Gauge


So Entrepreneurial, It’s Criminal

As long as record labels have existed there have been record labels launched on sketchy seed money earned in nefarious ways ranging from mafia connections to drug dealing. Some of those labels have even been successful. So who knows what kind of amazing music the world has been deprived of after police arrested four men in New York who went on an extensive robbery spree as a means to finance their planned record company?

The foursome showed the ambition it takes to successfully launch a business, diversifying their investments by holding up gas stations, Laundromats and a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. The men shouldn’t be too discouraged — we hear prison is a great networking opportunity. In 7-10 years, they’ll be just a few rich-family kidnappings and murder-for-hire jobs away from taking Ice Cream Outlaws Records to the next level.


Rocker on Thinnest of Ice

Reality and competition TV shows are not just cheap recession-busters for TV networks, they’re also responsible for creating jobs ...

for minimally recognizable faux “celebrities” and fading/faded actual stars craving a little more time in the spotlight. Reality TV is the new car expo, a haven for those with D-list popularity (at best) and the willingness to suffer indignities in the name of paying for their next meal.

Musicians whose glory days have long past also work the circuit, but how low will they go? For 50-year-old Motley Crue singer Vince Neil, the answer is ABC’s Skating with the Stars, where he is rubbing shoulders with soap opera actresses, Disney Channel cast members and stars of other reality shows. Neil should have held out for Bowling with the Stars for less physically demanding employment that might not have shredded his remaining morsel of dignity. It’s official: Tommy Lee’s penis now has more Rock & Roll cred.


Rolling Stone’s Plan B?

Though less in recent years, Rolling Stone magazine still publishes quality journalism. But with the imminent “Death of Print Media!,” it looks like the company is preparing a fall-back plan. Stars from the American Music Awards got a sneak peak of the magazine’s new venture at an after-party recently — no, it’s not a new vodka or energy drink, it’s The Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge, scheduled to open to the public next year.

The restaurant’s theme is based on the magazine, so we’re guessing that means a strong presence of the sacred cows whose every new release the mag showers with glowing, overly enthusiastic reviews (perhaps you’d like to try the Hootie and the Blowfish & Chips, some Infallible Genius Potato Skins, each made in the shape of James Taylor’s head, or the Let The Eagles Sorbet for dessert?). On the positive side, RS writers, editors and other staff members won’t have to change their payment and tax details when they start waiting tables and tending bar.



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